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    I recently booked am 11-day tour with to Iceland and, as I often do when I travel to foreign places, I decided to add a couple of extra days to my itinerary. I’m so glad I did so.

    I arrived a day before the tour started and found an exciting tour called “Into the Glacier” (intotheglacier.is), departing from the capital, Reykjavik. It’s not cheap but is worth every penny.

    An ice cave has been dug into a 1355-metres long glacier (the second biggest in Iceland) and you’re taken inside it and under the ice. Being transported to the top of the glacier in a special huge truck and then fitted out in special gear due to the wet and cold inside was all part of the fun.

    Irene Gillespie, North Turramurra, NSW


    While holidaying in Berlin we decided to extend our hotel accomodation for a few extra days to give us time to book a visit the German Bundestag (Parliament House). On inquiring direct with the hotel’s front desk we were disappointed to discover they were fully booked.

    Undeterred, we returned to our room, searched a hotel booking website and discovered our existing hotel with discounted rooms available for the days we needed. After booking the room, we returned to the front desk, advised them we had booked the days we wanted. We then, much to our delight and their red faces, requested and received our existing room.

    Stephen Yeates, Dee Why, NSW


    On a recent safari trip to Tanzania, my family and I visited and stayed The School of St Jude . It was established in 2002 by an Australian woman Gemma Sisia who, starting with a $10 Rotary Club donation decided to build a school for students from the poorest families.

    The first classroom housed just three students and now, 16 years later, St Jude consists of three campuses, 1800 students, 1400 boarders and 300 staff. Hot lunch is provided each day to every student with more than 1 million meals served each year.

    The annual budget of $US5 million ($6.26 million) comes from 17,000 donors, mostly Australians, with the school remaining free to students. Please donate if you can. schoolofstjude.org

    Philip Monardo, Sydney, NSW Solicitor


    I have been meaning to write to thank your columnist Michael “The Tripologist” Gebicki following my stay at the Jane Hotel in New York, as a single traveller, which I booked after reading his recommendation in Traveller on Sunday.

    It was such an interesting place to stay, with a delightful cafe on the first floor, open at hours that suited my long day outings around Manhattan. The sunset view from the roof bar, towards the Hudson River, was glorious. I enjoyed my stay at the Jane Hotel so much I would definitely return to it.

    Jennifer Morgan-Nicholson, Lane Cove, NSW

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